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We create the succes formula together with you 

Megaprojects BV is a fast-growing start-up with great ambitions. During the past year we have grown our team of 10 employees, and we use our skills and knowledge to offer companies a product portfolio which meets the demand and needs of the market.  

Our expertise includes both B2C and B2B products. Since 2020, Megaprojects has also added the D2C strategy to its core activities. Our team of professionals provides long-term commitment with high standards in order to grow your business! 

There is no project too big or too small for Megaprojects and we are ready to support you with any matter. Collaborate with us? All we need is a clear question and of course Mega motivation! 

Become our next mega project and grow with us! 

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Ambition drives us. Megaprojects works together with ambitious parties and brands that resemble passion. With our energetic team, we do everything we can to take your brand or company to the next level.  


With our team of dynamic professionals, we have a diverse set of knowledge, skills and opinions. Megaprojects applies its expertise to any question and works together to assist a company to reach the most optimal solutions. We keep on developing ourselves every day and we grasp opportunities to improve. 


We work together with brands and partners we truly believe in and fully commit working with them. Our 100% commitment is expressed in fast communication, a relationship built on trust and a dynamic collaboration. 


Product Sourcing

For brands and customers who have a specific need, we are excited to do what we have distinguished by ourselves during the past decades, which is sourcing. We are constantly searching for qualitative products that matches the range Megaprojects would like to offer. Our portfolio shows a great deal of variety, which gives us the opportunity to work with companies from different industries, but also to respond well to consumer demand. 

Megaprojects undertakes many kinds of marketing, such as market research, data analysis, competitor research. In addition, we also carry out concept development, social media, advertising, campaigns and content creation.  E-commerce, sales and product sourcing is supported from a qualitative marketing perspective. For each brand we look at the target group, the message and how we can market the product in the best possible way by means of a structured marketing strategy. 

Online marketplaces have gained a significant market share over the past decade. This has become one of the most important sales channels for brands. Within Megaprojects, we have an ambitious and experienced e-commerce team responsible for our D2C sales. By means of data analysis, qualitative content, and high-quality service, we can create and maintain brand awareness in a short time, which also brings offline benefits. 

We are happy to share the success of our brands with third parties. The sales team of Megaprojects has a broad network of retailers and e-tailers to whom we offer our products. In addition, our range of products is part of a platform, wherewith the help of our partners, we can reach the right target groups. In addition to selling existing brands and products, our sales team also shares important information about potential new products based on market knowledge and trends on domestic and global levels. 

We strive for flawless and fast delivery for both our partners and consumers. Megaprojects is constantly developing in the field of logistics on a large-scale. We ensure sufficient stock to serve the market with our own warehouse of 3500m2. With the help of our selected partners, we take care of the distribution of our products. 

It is crucial for us to reach a high-level of satisfaction for our customers. Megaprojects is fully committed to a positive customer experience. In addition to guaranteeing and offering the best quality of products, we are determined to take special care of our customers with our aftersales team. Business customers can reach us through their assigned sales manager. For consumers, we have our Customer Service team which handles customer inquiries carefully and efficiently. 

3 Brands
95+ Products
9.1 Costumer Satisfaction


This is our passionate team of professionals who would like to get started with your brand, company or project. Click on a team member to see their profile and expertise. 

Do you feel enthusiastic about this team and you believe we could use your expertise? Have a look at our vacancies. 

Roland Peeters Chief Executive Officer
Ambition, expertise and commitment are the core values that I pursue in everything I do. I believe we live on this earth to serve our fellow human beings. I hope to be able to contribute to that with Megaprojects.
Belinda Peeters – Wahono Co-chief Executive Officer
A passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneur. I love to empower people through energy and interest in order to fuel their own important vision for Megaprojects.
Lars de Weerdt Sales Manager
My passion in sales is the challenge of growing with a real chance of success. Megaprojects is a young team where everyone stands up for this growth. Because only together you succeed. Conquering new markets and making brands great; that's what drives me. My main slogan is therefore: If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've got.
Thye Stevens Buyer
Peter van Aalst Finance Manager
Trustworthiness and finding challenges in new projects are two important pillars in work for me. At Megaprojects I find these two pillars and I still develop and improve myself in all kinds of areas. Searching for new developments with a strong team of colleagues...I am going for it!
Pleunie Konings Back office Accountmanager
Nick Jansen Jr. Marketing & Communication Specialist
Need a touch of creativity? With my interest in concept development, this is no problem at all. I have passion for developing the layout of presentations, creating social media content or building a brand. I get my inspiration from social media, leading brands and workshops so that my 'lifelong learning process' always remains active.
Ben Jongenelen Warehouse Manager
My passion for the warehouse translates into ensuring an optimal flow of goods and keeping everything neat and clear. In this way all orders can be shipped quickly. Turn on the music and let's go!
Boudewijn van der Sijde E-Commerce Manager
Arvin Nieuwstad Operations Manager
Niek van Nieuwenhuijzen