Megaprojects Sourcing


Megaprojects was founded to build a bridge between its customers and suppliers. In these years Megaprojects has mainly specialised in the development, production and purchase of flower bulb bags and racks for the flower industry. Together with our customers we look at the needs which we transfer into the products to be purchased. 

Apart from being active in product development for our customers, we are also seeking for qualitative and reliable products for our own brands and the brands that we are distributing.  

By doing so we are not bound to one specific product category. Our network of suppliers is extensive, which gives us the freedom and opportunities to get started with any type of request. For a successful procurement project our key focus lays on our ambition, expertise and commitment! 

What we do

  • We take a seat with each of our clients and discuss their exact needs
  • Market research on comparable products
  • Conduct preliminary research in our network to discover opportunities
  • Ensuring the best price for our clients
  • Guarantee delivery time and if required express delivery