Gina’s climb to the top!

20 August 2021

A great initiative by Gina van Haperen-Tijnagel and ColSensation in collaboration with Megaprojects. Megaprojects sponsors Westinghouse Homeware products to raise money for our colleague’s mother.

Gina van Haperen

“Gina van Haperen-Tijnagel, 59 years young. Operated twice for breast cancer; once in 1992 and once in 2019. To end these intense periods, I will climb De Mont Ventoux, together with the Fytaal Cancer Support Team organized by the organization ColSensation. My goal is to raise €5,000 and I am proud to say that I have been at the top of the most collected amount for ColSensation for a while.” – Gina van Haperen

Be Good, do Good

After the stroopwafel campaign (168 euros) and the campaign with Albert Heijn Tolberg Roosendaal (356.70 euros), Gina is already busy with the next promotion! Gina has started selling Westinghouse Homeware products sponsored by Megaprojects BV. In September 2021, Gina will climb the Mont Ventoux with her team, the Fytaal Cancer Support Team and the ColSensation organization. The amount raised will go to the KWF and research into childhood cancer, new immune technologies, and regional cancer-related goals. A wonderful initiative and everyone participate with the same goal: Fighting the disease Cancer.

“After an edition of ColSensation people speek of togetherness, friendship, beautiful emotions, strength and conviviality.” – ColSensation Megaprojects BV wishes everyone good luck with achieving their goals and of course the climb to the top of Mont Ventoux with the Fytaal Cancer Support Team! 🍀

Follow, like and share the Facebook page: “Gina’s climb to the top – Colsensation” and stay informed about training sessions, fundraising and of course the climb itself because Gina will reach that top! Do you also want to sponsor Gina? Click on Gina’s link!

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