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On the 9th of January 1886, American entrepreneur George Westinghouse established the Westinghouse company. Westinghouse has acquired a variety of experience over the years, such as the innovation of alternating current and the establishment of the first commercial radio station.  

Westinghouse used its innovative engineering background to introduce the first all-electric kitchen range in 1917. The brand was a leader in the design and manufacturing of electrical household appliances. 

Westinghouse introduced the first induction stove in 1973 and developed a series of cooking pans to pair with. Westinghouse was a well-known and favoured brand for many years. In 1970 Westinghouse Homeware stepped out of the household appliance market. However, in 2019 Megaprojects B.V. put the Westinghouse Homeware brand back on the European market. 

With historical and prosperous experiences, Westinghouse Homeware is proud to announce that we have put all innovative expertise into our Cookware and small domestic appliances (SDA). 


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What we do

  • The set-up of a European retail network
  • Expanding the e-commerce, marketing and sales channels
  • Responsible for the logistics of Westinghouse products through fully independent Warehousing
  • Responsible for European Marketplaces, online sales of Westinghouse via Bol.com and Amazon.com
  • Research and develop marketing strategies and applying those on branding
  • Customer Services

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